Nokia remade

— February 2008

With Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo presenting a short video of the REMADE mobile phone during the Mobile World Congress 2008, I am able to share one of the case-studies addressing sustainability our team* has been working on passionately.

The intent was to create a device made from nothing new.

We drew on a simple insight that in the not too distant future humanity will have extracted and worked much of the valuable minerals once buried in planet Earth. We will be compelled to reuse and celebrate what is essentially “above ground”. Thus we explored the use of reclaimed and upcycled materials that could ultimately change the way we make things.

In remade, recycled materials from metal cans, plastic bottles, and car tyres are used beautifully; whilst helping reduce landfill and preserving natural resources. The concept also addresses cleaner engine technologies, and energy efficiency through power saving graphics.


Remade offers a realistic and beautiful interpretation of upcycling and a tangible starting point for discussion. A discussion we have already started a few weeks ago when two designers from our team joined Jan Chipchase and a few others in Accra to discuss, test, and improve remade with the help of the wonderful people of Ghana.

A local repair technician assembling a remade phone. Jan Chipchase – Accra, Ghana.

Our design team is very excited to join the conversation and have the opportunity to engage and receive critical feedback from all of you.

The press release, short video and additional images are available in the press section of – under the materials section and in the Mobile World Congress 2008 press site. You may also find the short video on Nokia Conversations YouTube channel.

Remade Remade Remade Remade

*Andrew Gartrell, Duncan Burns, Rhys Newman, Pascal Wever, Tom Arbisi, Simon James, Pawena Thimaporn, Jan Chipchase, Anne Coates, Peter Knudsen and myself :)